Monday, May 2, 2011

Things that Melt my Heart

Bellabean was born on March 27 (her due date!!) at 1:58am after an incredible labor and delivery.  She is now a little over a month old; in some ways it feels like her birth day was just last week, but at the same time, I feel like I have known her always.

Things that melt my heart:
When she nurses tummy-to-tummy on the boppy she puts up her arm on top like she's poised to punch anyone who might try to take her lunch
If you give her your finger she grabs on (both with fingers and toes!) so tightly
Her smell.  She smells so good - soft, sweet, milky; I could breathe in her smell all day.
Her baby dinosaur sounds.  When she's sleeping and we can't help but snuggle her, she makes little baby dinosaur sounds.
The way she stares, I mean really Stares at Grandma's paintings.  She is completely entranced when she gazes at the impressionistic ocean painting.  
Her "Amen, sister!" hand-moves.  When she's startled she puts up spirit fingers/arms/legs.
Watching her with her Dad.   He is so in love with her, and she is so in love with him.  It is so beautiful to watch.
Her beautiful, bunny-fur-soft head of hair.
Her surprised face - bright wide eyes, a little o on her lips as she looks around
Her falling asleep faces.  When she is falling asleep, she runs through about 20 different facial expressions - the smiles make us swoon.
Her wicked lower lip pout, and declarations of Gi! Ni! when she is upset.  Also, her fakeout smile... I am smiling, I am smiling, I am crying!!!
Watching her watch the world.  Whether it is checking out the light outside through the window, or staring at my Mother's painting in the music room, or finding a great color edge, or looking for Dad when hearing his voice... her curiosity is beautiful.
When she looks for and finds the boob pillow.  Through the night, we nurse on our sides facing each other.  When she is done, she squirms until she lifts her head, places her cheek squarely up on my boob, puts her hand near her cheek and falls fast asleep. 
The  smiles!!! She just started smiling while awake - both at the sound of my voice and her Dad's voice.  My heart nearly bursts every single time she smiles.