Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lovebursts and babykisses

My college roommate, Katieah, and I often used the word loveburst.  We defined loveburst as one of those moments when you feel so much love and emotion and happiness that it actually feels as if your heart wells up and nearly explodes out of your chest.  You are usually left with a silly expression on your face, and possibly even some happy-tears.

New cause of lovebursts:

Bellabean has started giving baby kisses.  Until these started, I didn't know they were a thing with lil' ones. This is how her baby kisses happen... She:
  •  looks at you
  •  looks at you like she wants to eat you (lovingly, of course)
  •  gives a big smile
  •  puts up her tiny hands to your face
  •  squeezes the daylights out of your cheeks/neck/eyesockets
  •  pulls your cheeks/neck/eyesockets towards her with all of her might while leaning in and planting the wettest, open mouthed, tongue lolling kiss on the side of your face or tip of your nose 
  •  holds on for dear life
  •  often sings or smiles, or laughs all while kissing on you
Although there is occasionally some discomfort (baby nails in the eyesockets, yes?) it is one of the sweetest things I have ever experienced.  When she kisses on my nose, I will kiss back and usually get her chin.  This makes her laugh big ole' baby belly laughs and leaves us both in a pile of giggling girl.

What are your favorite loveburst moments?


  1. Mrs. Tapia,
    I'm so glad we've connected on here! Already in love with your posts. Bella is an absolute gem. And I could never in a million years forget someone who helped cultivate my love of the color orange so much! I still owe you for spotting that patent leather belt at Coach. It's beyond perfect. Miss you!